Hello, I'm Angie Hartzel.


I've always loved to help people "figure things out"  but around 2015 my life as I knew it ended and I woke up a completely destroyed, hopeless person who lost her smile and didn't know if she would ever find it again.    Yep, it happened over night. 


I was keeping it all together, being strong, fighting the tears.  I wasn't depressed... and then I WAS... and so was my entire family.  STRESS, ANGER, WORRY AND FEAR CONSUMED US!


I, the mom, the wife, the caregiver, the glue, had fallen apart too and the Hartzel family ship was sinking fast.


Everything changed when I followed my heart and my intuition


First, I was led to what my body needed most, then I reprogrammed my mind, thoughts, language and beliefs and then I rebirthed my Soul! 


I AM FINALLY THE ME I ALWAYS KNEW I WAS and I want that for you too!  Feeling good in your own soul... PRICELESS







I am on a MISSION to help one more mom stop from crying herself to sleep at night! 

I believe INNER PEACE is the secret to life.  I intend to bring more INNER PEACE to the world through the souls who need me most so they can help others who need them the most!

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